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Verse Kraken Writing Retreats cater to writers of all genres who are open to experimentation and collaboration. Our taught writing retreats are rooted in their environments. We do this through site-specific workshops and by involving local artists and craftspeople. Our retreats are designed to challenge and stimulate writers, giving them a boost of inspiration. As one of our previous participants has said: "It felt like the equivalent of a full MOT for my writing-brain" (Robin Gurney).

Our writing retreats range from full-board weeks to city-based weekends where participants are responsible for their own food and accommodation. See the links below for details of our future retreats, or sign up to our mailing list here, to stay up to date.

Upcoming Retreats

Lyme Regis

25-27 September 2020

Spend the weekend in the footsteps of Mary Anning and Jane Austen in our next city-based writing retreat. Expect to remix fossils and capture the city in new creative ways in this hands-on retreat.

Brittany, France

8-15 May 2020

We will be returning to Peumerit in Brittany, France, for a week-long fully catered writing retreat in an idyllic setting.

Digital workshops

Anytime, anyplace

Coming soon, our downloadable workshops for you to go on an adventure with, anytime, anyplace...

Verse Kraken was a place of metamorphosis and growth I never imagined possible – beautifully structured with a wonderful mix of workshops with a thread tying them all together effortlessly and designed to make us think in new ways.  It felt like home, a safe place to grow and explore and become more confident being myself, knowing my voice as a writer.

- Jaime S, first time retreat attendee, writer, poet

Creative Spur 02: Metropolis

Welcome to another creative spur post! The premise is simple – we share something genre- or otherwise boundary-crossing and offer some suggestions for how you can respond to it in your own work. Last month we brought you Delia Derbyshire‘s experimental sci-fi soundtracks, and this month we’re continuing a slight unintended robot theme… Your spur Read more


DIY Writing Workshop: Breton Language Games

In this informal series, I will outline some of the previous workshops we’ve created at Verse Kraken for our participants, and give you prompts for you to do your own version at home. Today I want to talk you through the very first workshop we led at last year’s Verse Kraken Writing Retreat. As it Read more


Creative Spur 01: Delia Derbyshire

Way back in 2012 when we launched the first, zine-shaped incarnation of Verse Kraken, we came up with the idea of theming each issue around selected creative ‘spurs’ – existing works that dealt in some way with transformation, which could in turn be transformed or reimagined into new works. Our spurs at the time ranged Read more


The ultimate guide to crowdfunding your writing retreat

One of the mission statements of Verse Kraken is to create an affordable retreat for writers. This is why we will always offer a full scholarship place and, when possible, other discounts too. Sometimes, even with our help, taking a week off can still be overwhelmingly expensive: travel costs, loss of income, finding alternative care Read more


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