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Fabulous Writing Retreats in Europe to Book in 2020

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Top European Writing Residencies 2020

Writing retreats are the writer’s dream. It gives them space to concentrate completely on their creative work without the day-to-day domestic distractions. However, they are also an investment of time and money. So if you’ve been saving up for a retreat, you want to make sure it’s the right one for you.

In this list, I’ve decided to focus on taught writing retreats, because those provide extra value to what is otherwise just a ‘space of one’s own’. These vary in intensity: from multiple daily workshops, to weekly feedback sessions, from small group sessions and individual tutorials. Some leave your day unstructured with the option of socializing and sharing your writing in the evening. Whatever format works best for you, there’s a retreat out there for you!


Iceland Writers Retreat

When: 29 April-3 May 2020

Where: Reykjavik, Iceland

Cost: £1834-1287 depending on package chosen. Also possibility to extend the stay.

Genres: Fiction

About: Over the course of the retreat, each participant is enrolled in a total of five two-hour small-group writing workshops (max. 15 participants) led by internationally acclaimed authors. There’s also a Q&A panel with all faculty, and numerous readings and social functions.

What people have said about it: “Workshops were amazing. Down-to-earth discussions in a small group atmosphere.” – Sam, Canada, 2015 participant

France Writing Retreat 2020

Verse Kraken Writing Retreat

Verse Kraken Writing Retreat: Brittany

Date: 4-11 July 2020

Where: Brittany, France

Cost: £850 ($1,102). Includes accommodation, food, and tuition.

Genres: All writing genres welcome

About: Inspired by the area where the residency will be taking place, participants will discover spaces where history and present overlap, where nature and urbanity co-exist. The retreats are taught, which means participants will have a mixture of site-specific workshops and tutorials as well as alone time to spend on their writing. There will also be optional excursions.

What people have to say about it: “Verse Kraken was a place of metamorphosis and growth I never imagined possible – beautifully structured with a wonderful mix of workshops with a thread tying them all together effortlessly and designed to make us think in new ways.  It felt like home, a safe place to grow and explore and become more confident being myself, knowing my voice as a writer. ” – Jaime S, writer, poet.

Write Away Europe: Hydra, Greece

When: 17-23 May 2020

Where: Hydra, Greece

Cost: $2400/2800 including accommodation, tuition, breakfast and dinner, as well as a few extra perks.

Genres: Fiction and Non-Fiction

About: Write Away Europe organizes multiple retreats around Europe. This one promises a peaceful retreat with gorgeous views and food.

What people have said about it: “Thanks for the energy and inspiration! What a life-changing week, my notebooks are filling!” -Maureen J., travel & non-fiction writer

The Lemon Tree House: Italy

Date: 16-30 May 2020

Where: Tuscany, Italy

Cost: 2600 Euro

Genre: all writing genres, as well as visual and performing arts

About: The Lemon Tree House is an artist residency program designed to create the perfect balance between social and alone time for creating work. Days are free and unstructured, with cocktails, dinner and craft talks in the evening with the writer and artist-in-residence.

What people have to say about it: “I loved that my ONLY responsibility for two weeks was to create. Grocery shopping, cooking and all of life’s little distractions were taken care of by Julie and the amazing staff. My duty was to write. And so I did. I loved it!” — Sofi Papamarko 2014 Fall Lemon Tree

Writing retreats in europe

Lemon Tree

L’atelier Writers

Date: 31 May-6 June 2020

Where: Chateau Les Bardons, France

Cost: €900-1700, includes accommodation, tuition, food, nightly aperitif and online community. There is a $10 application fee.

Genre: Fiction

About: The heart of L’Atelier Writers is community and this extends beyond the length of the retreat, with opportunities to collaborate and support each other online. The days are a mixture of unstructured time to write and scheduled discussions and readings.

What people have to say about it: Their website doesn’t feature testimonials, but you can get a taster of the goodwill surrounding them by looking at their Twitter feed.

Abri Creative Writing Holidays

Date: to be announced

Where: Gardoussel Retreat, France

Cost: £875 including tuition, accommodation and meals, or £295 for just the course

Genres: Fiction and Non-Fiction

Abri Creative Writing Holidays organizes various retreats across the year to suit different budgets and styles of writing. Keep an eye out on their website for announcements!

What people have to say about it: “What a tremendous week. The writer in me feels recharged, by the wonderful location – the tables in the meadow, the fireplaces to talk around in the evening, the mountain views and even a river to swim in – the nourishing food, the best massage I’ve ever had on site, but above all the company, and our wonderful feedback sessions in the Buddha garden” -Margaret Dolley

Ireland Writer Tours

Date: 28 June- 5 July 2020

Where: west of Ireland

Cost: earlybird pricing (until 15th January): $1,995. The cost includes accommodation, breakfast and some other meals, tuition, transport and fees for the tours

Genre: Fiction

About: A tour of the west of Ireland combined with individual tuition and group workshops from Jennifer Dornbrush and Jill Marr. The theme of the retreat is ‘Thrilling Concepts: how to create best-sellers & become a thriving author’ and is aimed to help writers take the craft to the next professional level.

What people have to say about it: “A perfect combination of writing workshops and seeing Ireland. I left with Ireland in my heart and new enthusiasm for my craft”.–Elin N., Colorado, U.S.A.

European writing retreat

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Write Away Europe: Bulgaria

When: 26 July-1 August 2020

Where: Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Cost: $1850 including accommodation, tuition, breakfast and dinner, as well as a few extra perks.

Genres: Fiction and Non-Fiction

About: Write Away Europe organizes multiple retreats around Europe. Writers will stay in 3-star accommodation in the charming city center, nearby the sights and Europe’s longest pedestrian zone, and vibrant Kapana, a Bohemian area popular with artists and creatives with numerous small shops and cafes ideal for whiling away the free afternoons walking, exploring or sitting al fresco and digging deeper into your words and ideas in this captivating, cultural city.

What people have said about it: “I couldn’t possibly have loved it more! Thank you again for putting it on and allowing us all to come together in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever spent time!” Kimberly P., Novelist

Other Writing Retreats in Europe?

If these dates don’t suit or your budget is lower, then don’t despair. There are still lots of option to DIY your own writing retreats in Europe: hire a gite or an airbnb house, invite some friends, and give yourself a schedule or a goal for your time there. Sometimes, even just a weekend or a day can make a big difference!